Saturday, March 18, 2023

How to Teach Very Young Children How to Write

 Who says it’s very easy to teach kids how to write?

If you haven’t tried teaching a very young child to write, then you don’t know that teaching the cuties to write is a very hard task, let alone dealing with them especially in their moody times.

Let’s discuss this and unlock the difficulties that often stress young mothers and teachers.

As I always say. There is no hard task when done the right way. And there are no weak children when you know how to handle them.

Young children love activities, and writing is one fun activity that they could learn to love doing.

Let’s begin by using the crayon for the very young children.

I always let very young children use crayons when writing. One reason is to avoid accidents when they use sharp pencils and another is, young children have a better grasp with crayons (specially the big ones) than a pencil.

Children are better off learning to use the crayons first before the pencil.

When you teach kids to write, you also follow a step-by-step process.  You don’t want to overwhelm them by trying to let them write their name immediately on the first day; instead you teach them first how to hold their writing tool.  To very young kids; writing is a hard task.  It takes time before they can properly grasp the writing tool and scribble something.

Some children will refuse to move their hands when you teach them how to write. Fear not because they will always learn to write. It’s just that some learn quickly while others learn slowly.

Teaching very young kids is one of the hardest tasks that a teacher or a parent can do.  It takes a lot of patience before you are able to train young kids to write.

First thing first.

Provide the child with crayons and some writing materials like paper or  notebook to write on.

Allowing them to hold a crayon and scribble on paper is the first step for them to learn how to write. Once their hand gets stronger and they could grasp the crayon or pencil, it would be easier for them to write something.

You can only correct the young kids with the way they color or write if they have gained confidence to do their work alone.  Most kids start school without much confidence in their ability so it is important to gauge each child in order to make learning more effective for each child.

Kids do not want to be forced into something.  They want to have fun doing things and they want to learn on their own.  You can guide them and hold their hands as they work but you cannot force them to do something that they think they cannot do.  This is a case to case basis since there are young kids who want to do things on their own but most young kids do things with guidance from older people.

Holding their hand and guiding them how to write is the first step of the process. Once the child has gained confidence in doing something, learning how to write will sprout from there.

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