Saturday, March 18, 2023

Dexter and the Good Witch


Dexter was walking home from school when he met a witch riding a broom. He ignored the witch and walked faster. His heart beat was thumping like the beat of the drum. He wanted to shout for help but he could not say one word.  He was nervous.  He was frightened.  The witch is going to get him alive.

The witch stopped in front of Dexter and looked at his face.

 “Why are you running away from me?” The witch said as she got down from the broom.

Dexter looked at the witch and said nothing. He almost fainted with fear but he stood there looking at the witch. He was speechless.

        The witch smiled. “Are you afraid of me? You think I am a bad witch just like the other witches around?”

 Dexter swallowed. “Ah, no. I am not afraid of you. I am in a hurry to go home because mother is waiting for me.” He said nervously.

 The witch smiled again. “You are lying. I can tell by just looking at your face. I am a good witch. I know that you are in a hurry to go home because you have home work to do."

        Dexter was surprised. But he was relieved because he learned that the witch was a good one and besides, if the witch was not good, she wouldn't be talking to him kindly.

        Going back to the witch and looking at her in surprise, Dexter thought, “How did she know my problem?”

The witch laughed. "You are funny. I am a witch. I know what you are thinking. Let me tell you what to do." She said as she held Dexter's hand.

 Dexter was shocked at the friendly gesture. He never thought that there really are good witches around.

        The witch said. “Okay, make a wish. I will grant your wish.”

        Dexter thought of his homework. That was the only thing he wanted to wish. He closed his eyes first. He wished that he will be able to do his homework alone.

When he opened his eyes, the witch was not there anymore. He looked around and saw no witch.  Was it only his imagination?

He hurried home and opened his book in Math. He took his notebook and tried to solve the problem. He thought hard and tried his best to answer the problem. He was very happy because he was able to solve the problem by himself. He thought of the good witch. Maybe the good witch helped him to understand his homework.


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