Saturday, March 18, 2023

Dack-Dack the Funny Duck



        Dack-Dack, the duck loves to waddle and dive in a pond surrounded by pretty daisies and dandelions.

One day, Dack-Dack saw the daisies and dandelions blooming with their beautiful flowers. She gracefully walked to the daisies but she saw the colorful dandelions and she went to pick some of them.

        Alas, when Dack-Dack smelled the dandelions, her nose got itchy and she sneezed.

        “Achuuuu!  Achuuu!”

        The other ducks heard Dack-Dack’s sneeze.

One duck said, “What’s that noise?”

        Another duck said, “It sounds like someone splashed in the water.”

        Another duck said, “Let’s go and find out.”

        Now, Dack.Dack, heard her friends and was so sorry that she disturbed them from their sleep.

        She said, “I’m so sorry about that. I was not able to prevent my sneeze.”

        The ducks looked at each other.

        One duck said, “Oh, that’s only a sneeze from Dack-Dack.”

        They looked at each other and laughed.


Answer the questions.


1.  Who loves to waddle in the pond?


2.  What else does Dack-Dack love to do in the pond?



3.  What did Dack-Dack see one day?


4.  What did Dack-Dack pick?


5.  What happened to Dack-Dack when she smelled the dandelions?


6.  Who heard her sneeze?


Arrange the events according to how they happened. Number them 1-5.

____Dack-Dack sneezed.

____Dack-Dack loves to waddle and dive in the pond.

____The ducks laughed.

____Dack-Dack picked some dandelions and smelled them.

____The other ducks thought someone splashed in the water.


Look for the meaning of the underlined word. Circle the correct word.

1.  The duck waddles in the water.

to walk slowly         to hop           to run


2.  The boy splashed in the water.

to sing         to shout       hit the water and made sound   


3.  The duck sneezed loudly.

 laughed      sound made in the mouth     to shouted


Find the words.

3 words with long i                  3 words that mean more than one     

_______________                       ____________________

_______________                        ____________________

_______________                        ____________________

 3 words that are in the past tense




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