Monday, February 13, 2023

What is Valentine's Day?


Just like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is a very important day that marks a time to share and to love. However, during Valentine’s Day, it is more centered in the love between couples, boyfriend and girlfriend, partners who are all bonded by love of Cupid, who is believed to be the harbinger of love in this world.

Some people believe that Cupid comes out aiming his arrow to the hearts of both men and women, young and old, rich and poor. That is why there is a joke that goes this way, “He was shot by Cupid’s arrow”, if a man or a woman is in love. Perhaps it is true and usually they say Cupid comes out during Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is associated with the word Love and Cupid. In the Philippines, everything becomes red in February, with all the hearts hanging around to celebrate the occasion. Cupid is there with the red hearts aiming his arrow to whoever is going to pass by him. And all kinds of heart shaped food and articles abound all over the malls and shopping areas. For the women, Valentine’s Day means receiving roses, chocolates, cards, stuffed toys and anything that is red and with a heart stuck to it.

To the women, a card or a rose is enough to fill the day. Although there are some who prefer other material items like rings, or other expensive things.

In the rural areas of the Philippines, especially to the farmers living in remote areas, they only shrug off the celebration, because they either do not know anything about the celebration or they  find no need or reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day, although a few celebrate it the simple way. But most of those living in the remote areas are not aware of the popular celebration. It must be considered that in the Philippines, St. Valentine is not so much talked about, and many people still do not know about the saint who was the reason why we are celebrating Valentine’s Day.

In the cities here in the Philippines, most people celebrate Valentine’s Day by bringing the children to the parks or other places of amusement. As to the lovers, they each have their own especial celebration for the day of hearts. Most hotels and restaurants are fully booked on Valentine’s Day, and roses of all colors are in every corner of the city.

Whatever celebration people do to join the occasion, what is most important is the message that St. Valentine is trying to impart to the people. It is love.

On Valentine’s Day we all feel love lingering in the air and each one of us long to be loved and cared for. Valentine’s Day is a special day meant for sharing and loving.

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