Wednesday, July 6, 2022

6 Tips on how to Write a Good Article


Writing an article is akin to preparing your daily morning coffee. You have to mix all the ingredients that you need in order to arrive to your desired taste. If you put too much sugar, it would be too sweet. If you put only a little coffee powder, then it would be bland. But if you put just enough of everything, that makes your coffee a perfect drink.

In writing, there are tips and guides to consider so that you can make your article good; not over-stuffed and neither under-stuffed.

What are these tips?

1.    Make a plan

Writing an article is not just sitting in front of your computer and tapping the keys in order to compose a paragraph. First, you have to plan. Should you choose a topic, it should be something that you have knowledge about so that you will not appear like a writer who is just guessing. Readers know when a writer is talking sense. They can pinpoint a writer who knows what he is writing about from a writer whose work lacks substance.

2.    Choose your style

Every writer has his own style that he religiously follows. If not religiously then he has at least a style that he follows to make his writing more effective to the readers. Different topics are written in different styles. Following a style will make your writing better.

3.    Choose your readers

For whom is your article intended? Always consider your readers when writing an article. If you intend to entertain a group of young kids then you have to watch your language. If you write for general viewers then you have to make your article fit your viewers. An effective writer knows his viewers more than anybody else so he must know how to make his writing jibe with his viewers.

4.    Do not pad your article

Say what you want to say in your article but avoid padding your article. Once you have expressed what you want, cut it there. A padded article loses its authenticity. It does not help to make an article too long when it could be brief and comprehensive.

     5. Keep the Readers Interested to the End

Interest comes according to how you compose your article. If the piece is interesting, the reader will stick to the article, but if the article is boring, it takes only a few seconds for the reader to click away and find another article to read. The span of interest of netizens is becoming shorter and shorter. You can avoid  that by hooking them with interesting topics.

6.    Connect to Your Viewers

Connecting to your viewers is one of the most crucial ingredients for a writer to develop. It is like attracting a customer to buy the food that you are selling. The presentation is very important. In the same manner, if you want your viewers to connect to your article, you should present it in a very attractive and edible manner. The first few words in your article will decide if the viewer will stick to the article or not.

 Writing is an art. It is part of the writer’s daily life, emblazoned with every emotion he has.

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