Thursday, April 2, 2020

Reading Long U Words

Here's a practice exercise for teaching the long U words.

It is always best to let the children read the words many times. One helpful tip also is to make it a daily routine activity for the children to memorize the words and learn them easier.

When teaching the words to ESL students, read the words first then let the children follow you.
Always emphasize on the sound of long u.

Read the long u words.

long u – words with u and an e at the end

cube      hue       fume      due       nuke   cue
cure       jute       tube       dune pure       hue
cute      muse     tune        fuse       blue
duke     mute     flue        mule     clue

long u – words with ew

blew       knew      slew         few        drew
chew     dew        sew          new       view
flew        mew       stew        pew

Read the sentences.

The duke rode the mule.
The muse is cute.
The children knew the tune of the song.
Girls know how to sew an apron.
The blue coat is new.
The lady knew how to sew a dress.
The dew fell down on the leaf.
Learn how to chew your food well.

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