Saturday, February 27, 2016

You Don't Look like an Igorot!!!

This is a pure-blooded Igorot's house. She's a CPA-Lawyer.

During the time when Jeyrick Sigmaton, the Carrotman from Mt. Province got the attention of the internet and went viral, I have seen a few awful remarks about Igorots on Facebook. One man was barking like a wild dog and expressing his own wrath over Igorots. I don’t know why. Another woman talked about Igorots being like pigs, to my utter disgust.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mr. Carrotman is an Igorot

I was awed, shocked, and amazed by what I saw yesterday.  
Image Credit: Paul Louie Serrano

Who is this Carrotman?

When I saw his name tagged with Igorot, it made my blood shoot up in excitement and I could feel that aha moment crawling inside me.

Yes, I was at the peak of utmost joy because I learned that the young man they were calling Mr. Carrotman is an Igorot. And everything Igorot turns me on and makes me rushing to my computer keys.