Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Apade" - The Igorot Fairies

by: Felisa Daskeo

My father was a prolific storyteller who spiced my youth with interesting if not adorable stories. There was this strange story that was left unexplained.I haven't heard any development of this story since then, but I believe it was true.

When tribal wars were still predominant in our region; an unexplained phenomenon kept my father’s village safe from the neighboring enemies.

As soon as darkness swallowed the village, clusters of lights out of nowhere surrounded it and kept the enemies at bay. They called these "APADE". And they are like moving torches. These were the fairies of the Igorots in Tadian Mt. Province.

My father said that Tadian, Mt. Province has never been attacked by the enemies since they thought that the lights were the villagers themselves protecting their village.

When we were young, we often saw lights scattered around the mountains. We often thought they were men, but we learned from my father that they were not. They were the "APADE", which were like fairies of the town.

There was this story a long time ago about a man who caught one of them out of curiosity and was surprised to discover only dirt on his hand.

When modernization was adapted by the Igorots, the "Apade" slowly left the village. There was this story told that a man once saw lights parading away from the town and a voice saying, "We'll leave this place. We are of no use anymore." Perhaps they left to find another place to protect from danger. As for Tadian, it still is a very safe and peaceful place to stay even to these days. 

Sad to say, these considered fairies slowly vanished with the modernization of lifestyle. They say that these fairies were driven away by modern technology. They love peace a long time ago.

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What's even sadder is that these fairies will never come back to Tadian.

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