Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Win an Igorot Man's Approval

By: Felisa Daskeo

The online craze brought about by the handsome Igorot had abated and everyone in FB is back to normal life but we will never forget Jeyrick Sigmaton aka Mr. Carrotman. His pictures are still flocking FB and gaining several views and likes from fans.
Image credit by Paul Louie Serrano

After Jeyrick, and Cabbageman who also captured the attention of many people because of his undeniably good looks, more Igorot men came out from their hiding places and posted their pictures. And more and more people are now proving that many Igorots are good looking too just like other Filipinos.

During the height of Mr. Carrotman’s online popularity, something interesting sprouted in FB. A lady admittedly said that she was overjoyed by the turn of events. She has proven that her Igorot boyfriend is really kind and not just pretending.

With the positive turn of events, I’m sure there are ladies out there who are already getting curious about Igorot men.

Here’s something to satisfy your curiosity about Igorot Men.
The new Igorot generation may be different.

  •       He is not the romantic type of man.

He can buy you expensive jeans but do not expect chocolates and roses from him.

  •      He is not fond of physical appearance when choosing a woman.
The Igorot man does not choose a woman according to face and body value. In fact, he prefers someone who is not beautiful but who is not afraid to soil her hands. He does not think good looks is the way to a man's heart. The first thing that attracts him is what's inside your heart. Never mind if you are not physically beautiful for as long as you have a beautiful heart and mind.
  •              He does not display his affection in public.

In fact, he prefers the romantic part of his life to be very private. During my childhood days, I have observed that unlike the Ilocanos, Tagalogs, Visayans, and other Filipinos, Igorots never held hands while walking and they never displayed any kind of affection to each other. Of course, the new generation is far different from what we were before. But there are still many Igorot men who still cling to the old tradition.
  •       He is very practical.

He will not let you go hungry but don’t expect him to bring you to a five-star restaurant even if he can afford it. The Igorot man can build you a beautiful, sturdy and expensive dwelling but he won't buy you jewelry and cars if they are only meant to show off. He will buy a car because it is necessary.
  •          He is the rugged type man.

Don’t make him wear the well-pressed slacks and polo shirt because he prefers the rugged denim pants and T-shirt. Buy him Levi's 501 and he'll love you more for that.
  •          He doesn’t talk too much.

He talks only in a few words but with sense. Be sure to listen carefully.
  •          He is a family man.

He loves his family and works hard to provide for his family. His family first before others.
  •          He loves everything country.

He enjoys listening to country music, reading cowboy paperbacks, and wearing rugged denims.
  •          He is kind, caring and responsible.

Although he is not very romantic, he is kind and caring. He always makes sure that you are safe and well.
  •          He’s a hard-worker.

He works very hard to earn a living and does not choose what kind of job for as long as he can do it.

Ladies, brace yourselves because here’s the core of the article.

Here’s how to win an Igorot man’s approval.

The Don’ts.

  • He doesn’t like the “maarte” and the “maluho”.
  • He doesn’t like a woman with well-manicured nails.
  • He doesn’t like a woman who is too confident about herself.
  • He doesn’t like a “loud” woman.

The Do’s.
  • He likes a simple woman with simple lifestyle.
  • He likes a woman who is a “katuwang sa buhay”.
  • He likes a conservative woman.
  • He likes a woman who is aware of her surroundings.
  • He likes a woman who will be a wife and a mother.
  • He likes a woman who will be his partner in decision making.

Now, ladies out there, you can breathe now. Of course, just like any other situation, not all Igorot men are the same. And that depends on how both of you will work on the relationship. Igorot or not Igorot, there are always factors that will affect a relationship. But of course putting yourself in the right place will help make a relationship work.

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