Tuesday, March 1, 2016

5 Misconceptions About Igorots and the Truth About Them

by: Felisa Daskeo

Mr. Carrotman’s sudden surge to online stardom has made many Filipinos asking if Jeyrick Sigmaton is really an Igorot. Now an award winning actor, Jeyrick is still that simple and humble man.
Credit to Paul Louie Serrano
Igorots are the most talked about indigenous people in the Philippines today because of Mr. Carrotman who is from Barlig, Mt. Province. Many people are asking the true identity of an Igorot.

Are Igorots really as good looking as Mr. Carrotman?

There’s this one post in FB that said, Jeyrick doesn’t look like an Igorot because he is not dark with curly hair.

There is nothing to be curious about or nothing to wonder about an Igorot because we are actually not far different from other Filipinos. Igorots are the indigenous group of people with traditions, beliefs and practices that are different from other Filipinos but this does not mean that Igorots are people who look different or who act differently from other Filipinos.

The misconceptions about Igorots and the truth about Igorots.

  • Igorots have tails. Many people think that igorots have tails. They don’t have tails because they are human beings and not animals that is a fact. But if the tail is referred to the G-string, yes, Igorots wear G-string but only during occasions where it is needed. No human being has a tail.
  • Igorots live in tree houses. Some people believe that Igorots are still living in tree houses. Hundreds of years ago, when the Philippines was still covered with thick grasses and forests, Igorots may have lived in tree houses and caves, just like other Filipinos. But the modern times tells me that even Igorots in the mountains live is nicely constructed homes that could withstand storms and earthquakes.
One of the several Igorot Villages in the Cordillera.
  •  Igorots are short, dark, with curly hair. Definitely not true.. Igorots are mostly fair-skinned with black straight hair just like most Filipinos. 
They are all Igorots. Three of them are teachers, one is a CPA-LAWYER and one is the wife of the Baranggay Captain.

  • Igorots do not know how to cook.  Again, this maybe true a long time ago but in this computer age where everybody is already exposed to the modern lifestyle, Igorots are also foodies, crowding the market with there own home-made delicacies. In fact, even the "Pinkpikan" has evolved too with the passing of years.  But then again, many Igorots are still entrenched in their traditional, simple way of cooking. 
Traditional cooking of glutinous rice to be wrapped in banana leaves. Locally called - patopat.

  • Igorots are still primitive. Definitely untrue. Just like anything else around the world, life evolves, changes, and improves. The Igorot lifestyle has also evolved with the changes that took place around the world. In this computer age, Igorots live a lifestyle just like the other Filipinos.  

Igorots may not be the “fashionistas”, they love jeans and shirts, They are not “maarte”, and they prefer to look simple and conservative, and not “maluho” they are very frugal and spend their money only in necessities, but they are definitely not primitive people.

Note: Igorots are scattered around the world. Many Igorots are very successful in their careers, but they aren't wearing tags on their backs, so you will never know that they belong to a tribe that is always discriminated. So, the next time you are eating in a fine restaurant and you see a man in cowboy hat and boots, don't be surprised if he could afford to eat there.

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