Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Sagawsaw is a Ceremony Performed for Someone who Accidentally Killed a Person

by: Felisa Daskeo

The Sagawsaw

The Sagawsaw is a pagan ceremony that requires only the dog as the sacrificial animal. In

In this ceremony, the bile is not considered. It is only the killing of the dog that is important. 

The priest utters some epithets as the dog is killed.

Here are some examples of epithets being uttered by the pagan priest:

  • May this man be more courageous, strong, invulnerable and live long.
  • May he kill more people to bring glory to his fellowmen and to his community.
This ceremony is performed only in cases when one has accidentally killed a person or a 

man has just come from a penitentiary as a result of a grave case. The person for whom the 

Sagawsaw is performed cannot partake in the dog meat, but he has to be present during the 

ceremony. The ceremony is done in an uninhabited house. The person whom the ceremony

is performed will be allowed to go home early the next morning.

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