Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mr. Carrotman is an Igorot

I was awed, shocked, and amazed by what I saw yesterday.  
Image Credit: Paul Louie Serrano

Who is this Carrotman?

When I saw his name tagged with Igorot, it made my blood shoot up in excitement and I could feel that aha moment crawling inside me.

Yes, I was at the peak of utmost joy because I learned that the young man they were calling Mr. Carrotman is an Igorot. And everything Igorot turns me on and makes me rushing to my computer keys.

Mt. Province’s Mr. Carrotman caught the attention of thousands of netizens when his picture was shared on Facebook. Yesterday, I had been following the photos of the handsome Igorot man being shared on Facebook. Today, I was really shocked because it seems that his pictures appeared every minute while I was scrolling the posts on FB.

Perhaps now that Mr. Carrotman has finally wowed the netizens and became the hottest sensation for two days, those who still think that Igorots are dark-skinned with curly hair will make up their mind and change their opinions regarding the Igorots. Will there be still doubts about Igorots being human beings?

Well, it seems to me, that being an Igorot does not in any way alter the situation that wherever you go, whether in the mountains, in the lowlands, the desert, or the cities, there are good-looking people as well as not so pleasant looking people. Because that is a fact and the truth. It is not impossible to see a handsome Igorot in the middle of the wild or a beautiful Igorot lady tending to an old lady in a rich district in Manhattan.

It is absurd to say that there are no handsome and no beautiful Igorots because there are already a few Igorots who have come out from their shell and shown who the Igorots are. Marky Cielo is one of them. Too bad and sad that he didn’t last long, but we saw him and watched as he performed with gracefulness in his dance moves on stage. Paulo Avelino is also an Igorot. They are both Igorots, and they don’t have tails. They are not dark, small, and curly-haired too. There are other Igorots who have made good names in showbiz. Igorots are all over the world working as businessmen, engineers, nurses, teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc., etc. But they don't have name tags, so you can never tell if they are Igorots.

Now, comes Mr. Carrotman and I’m sure given the chance to prove his worth, he will be like the other Igorots who have made a name and are still making a name in showbiz.

I wish Mr. Carrotman good luck should he be given a place in the showbiz world. Hopefully, he will be good like the others and make another big name for the Igorots. You will be the pride of the Igorots.

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