Saturday, January 2, 2016

Teaching Young Children How to Introduce Themselves

Now, it is also important that young children learn to introduce themselves, such as telling their names, telling where they live, their grade, their teacher and even their friends.

We start by asking the child to tell his or her full name. Each child must know his or her name including the family name. Some children can even tell their middle name and that is good.

Addresses are also very important to young children so they must know where they live.

Here are some guides for children. You can let them complete the missing words to complete their introduction.

My name is _______________________________________________________.
I live in ___________________________________________________________.
My telephone number is ____________________________________________.
I am ___________ years old.
I study in _________________________________________________________.
I am in _____________________ level.
My father is ________________________________________________________.
My mother is _______________________________________________________.
I have ____________ brothers and __________ sisters.
My teacher is ______________________________________________________.
My favorite food is _________________________________________________.
My favorite toy is __________________________________________________.

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