Sunday, January 3, 2016

Teaching the Parts of the House to Young Children

Teaching the parts of the house to the young children is fun. You can create your own games for the children and you can give them some exercises to do so that they will understand the parts of the house better.

This is often easy to teach because the children are already aware of the different parts of the house, such as the: windows, doors, stairs, walls, ceiling and floor. The only part that is perhaps new to the children is the posts. What makes it harder for them to understand the post is that posts are often attached to the walls.

Here are the parts of the house:

Here’s a game that you can play with the young children.

Get flash cards of the parts of the house and put them in a big box. Call each child to go and pick the flash card inside the box that matches the picture of the parts of the house that you are holding. The next day, you can reverse your game by telling each child to get the picture of the parts of the house that matches the word you are holding.

Games are for fun so make sure the children are having fun with you so that they can learn better.

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