Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nursery lesson: Letter Ii

It is always important to let the child be familiar with the first letters you taught before proceeding to the next letter. Give your child as many activities as you can and I’m sure your child will easily learn the letters of the alphabet.

 Since A and E are finished, you can now teach another letter which is letter Ii. This letter is often very confusing since the sound is the sound of letter Ee. So you have to emphasize that the letter name is different from the letter sound.

Most young kids will be very confused at first with letter E and letter I. 

The sound of Ii could be shown by pointing your pointer finger up and slowly raising it and saying eeee. This will help the children relate the letter to the straight finger. Letter Ii is one of the letters that children could easily understand because of the sound and the action of the finger going up. If they see you raising the pointer finger then they easily recognize it as letter Ii.

As much as possible, you should refrain from teaching the children that ice cream begins with letter Ii. Children will gradually learn it in the future but to avoid confusing the young children, stick to only the popular sound of Ii just like i in ink, igloo, Indian, insect, etc.

Just like how you did in the letters A, and E, show the flash card and introduce the new letter for the day. Let each child tell what letter is in the flashcard. After that, demonstrate how to say the sound of Ii. As I explained earlier, I use my pointer finger to show the sound of Ii.

After the children have repeated the sound at least three times, get the objects that begin with letter Ii and show each object to the children. Some children can name the objects. If they do, tell them that the object begins with letter Ii.

If you are done, you can now proceed with the activity sheets.

I always start with tracing the letter then coloring the pictures that begin with the letter, followed by other activity sheets.

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