Saturday, January 16, 2016

Igorot Practices and Traditions: Ed-edew is performed After a Fearful Dream

by: Felisa Daskeo

Ed-edew- Pronounced as [id-idəw]

Ed-edew is another Igorot practice that involves a simple ceremony with a chicken as an offering. The Igorots value peaceful and comfortable living very much so that even nightmares and bad dreams need to be taken care of. The chicken is offered to the spirits or anitos after a bad dream especially if a person had a fearful dream about his or her ancestors.

Ed-edew is also performed when someone is traveling to another place, whether it is near of far, to look for a job of if the person is selling anything for gain or going into any venture to bring back gain.

Igorots believe that offering sacrifices to the spirits or anitos will bring forth positive results. Again, just like all the other ceremonies, the old men have to look at the position of the bile carefully to make sure that the ceremony produces a fruitful result.

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