Saturday, December 26, 2015

When is the Best Time to Teach My Child?

The question, “When is the best time to teach my child?” is a huge problem especially to new parents, but this should not be because there is no right time when to teach a child. Teaching is a process that starts once the child is conceived and it continuous for as long as the person lives.

This is why, the earlier you teach your child study habits, the better for your child to cope in school.

Do not say it is still too early to teach your child. Teaching and learning go hand in hand and the process starts even while your child is inside you and you are talking to your child. The child inside the mother absorbs everything that the mother does and says. 

It is therefore, important to develop good habits that the child will learn from you.

My observation as a teacher for more than thirty years shows that the children who are born from professional parents have better perception and understanding than those children whose parents are elementary or high school graduates. My best students are often the children of teachers, nurses, accountants, lawyers, and engineers.

It also helps when one parent is not working and has the time to follow-up the school lessons of the child at home. It is very important for a child to have follow-up lessons at home or with a private tutor especially when they are in the lower grade levels. We always recommend parents who want their children to have tutorial lessons to avail of tutorial programs until the 5th grade. We don’t encourage tutorial lessons to higher grade levels unless of course in some special cases when the child needs more assistance in the higher grade level.

Most of our students stop tutoring when they reach the 4th or 5th grade. It is the ideal grade levels for a student to stop private tutorial services and start learning to study on his own. Being independent is a plus when a student finally learns to study without the guidance of another person. This is because in school, whether the child likes it or not, he has to do things on his own.

Parents often report to us the progress of their child when their child finally learns to be on his own. Most of the parents are very happy because the child has developed a study habit that became a part of his daily life.

Instilling good study habits keeps the child in the right tract while in school. This is why it is very crucial to develop good study habits while the children are young.

As I said, “There’s no right time to teach a child. You can teach your child anytime and at any age.

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