Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Teach Very Young Kids

When it comes to teaching young kids, the more they play, the more they learn.  Studies and observation show that when kids are having fun learning, they are more likely to learn better than when they are forced to do and learn something.

When you teach kids to write, you don’t let them write their name immediately on the first day; instead you teach them how to write one step at a time.  To very young kids; writing is a hard task.  It takes time before they can properly grasp the pencil and scribble something.

You can start teaching kids to write by allowing them to hold crayons.  Pencils are a no- no to very young kids since they can hurt themselves or they hurt their classmates with the sharp edges. 

Teaching very young kids is one of the hardest tasks that a teacher or a parent can do.  It takes a lot of patience before you are able to train young kids to write but you can let them color as they like on their paper.  Kids learn by committing mistakes and you must let the kids color freely without forcing them to color properly.

You can only correct the young kids with the way they color if they have gained confidence to do their work alone.  Most kids start school without much confidence in their ability so it is important to gauge each child in order to make learning more effective.

Kids do not want to be forced into something.  They want to have fun doing things and they want to learn on their own.  You can guide them and hold their hands as they work but you cannot force them to do something that they think they cannot do.  This is a case to case basis since there are young kids who want to do things on their own but most young kids do things with guidance from older people.

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