Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to Make A Mask For Any occasion

Making a mask is one of the fun projects for kids to hone their arts and crafts skills. Your kids will surely enjoy creating their own mask design and integrating their knowledge of color mixing.  You can teach this project to older children who can already handle paint and watercolor. 

  Whether it is a horror mask, Valentine’s mask or a Christmas mask you are planning to make, it is important that you know what you are doing so that you can create a fantastic mask.  The secret to making a successful mask is in planning and organizing.  Kids love to make a mask and it is important that you guide them with what to do.

Making a mask is not easy.  You first plan it then organize all your materials so that you can come up with a good mask.  Whatever kind of mask you plan to make; there are always important things to consider and bear in mind.

For young kids, mask making is such fun but you have to guide them so that they will be able to make their mask successfully.  There are simple and not so simple ways of making masks but the most important thing to bear in mind is to organize first the materials so that everything will be done smoothly.

Here are the steps in making a mask.

Step #1 - Planning

Planning is very important when making anything.  Mask making needs also a good plan to come up with a successful mask.  Always remember planning is the basic step when doing anything.

Step #2 – Organizing 

Organizing includes the materials plus the design you plan to use in your mask.  Everything must be organized first before you start making your mask.

Step # 3 – Prepare the cast

You can use a mask as a mould to make the cast.  Plain paper is good.  You can use a pattern paper to make the cast.  Use glue to paste the pattern paper in the mould.  Dry the cast until hard.

Step # 4 – Painting

You can use water color, crayon or real paint to color your mask.  Paint is the preferred one in order to make the mast look neat and good.  You can design the mask with the paint.

Step # 5 – Final coating

In the final coating you can add some colorful effects to the mask to make it look better.  You can apply your creativity and add some unique designs.

Making a mask could be fun and interesting, especially if you know how to create your own design and play with colors to make the mask more interesting.  At first mask making could be difficult, but as you make more masks, you can improve and become an expert.  Mask making is especially useful when there are occasions that call for it.

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