Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wally and His Witch Friend

“Wiiii, hiii, hiiii, hiii, hiiii,” came the sound.

It was early evening and Wally wanted to play and watch television.  When he heard the sound, he grabbed the blanket and covered his head.  He was trembling with fear. 

Wally waited and heard no more.  He waited again for a few minutes, but it was so silent.  Whoever made that sound would be gone now he thought and removed the blanket on his head.

Wally looked around his room and found no one around.  He smiled and threw the blanket on his bed then sat down again to watch his favorite cartoon movie.  All of a sudden, Wally heard a sound at his back.  He turned his head to see an old woman wearing a brown dress.  She has a pointed brown hat too.

“Who are you?”  Wally asked in a trembling voice.

“I am a witch.”  The old woman said.

Wally stood and stepped to run but before he could run out of the room the witch waved her wand and said.  “Sit down.”

Wally found himself obeying the witch.  He said softly, “What do you want from me?”
“I want to talk to you,” said the witch.

Wally said nothing.  He was thinking of something.  He can grab the bat and hit the witch then run as fast as he can to find her mom in the kitchen.

The witch walked to Wally and said, “Fear not my dear, Wally.  I know what you are thinking.  If you do that I will turn you into a mouse then you cannot hit me or anybody else.”

Wally sat looking at the witch.  He wondered how the witch learned about him.  Maybe his mom told the witch that he is not a good boy.

The witch said, “I know what you are thinking.  Your mom never told me anything but I know what you are, Wally.  I know that you are not a good boy to the people around you.”

Wally said nothing.  He was scared.  What will the witch do to him?

Then the witch said, “I will not hurt you but promise me you should be a good boy from now on.”

Wally slowly nodded his head then closed his eyes.  When he opened his eyes; the witch is not there anymore.  Wally looked around.  He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming.

Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.  He ran to get it and found his mom carrying the tray with the steaming breakfast of fried rice, egg, and hot dog.  Beside the plate of food was his glass of milk; his favorite breakfast drink.

Wally swallowed then said, “Oh, mommy, good morning and thank you for bringing my breakfast.”  He happily helped his mom put down the tray on the table beside his bed.

Wally’s mom rounded her eyes and opened her mouth with wonder.  Wally is acting differently that morning like he was really a good boy.

“How’s Wally today?  Did you have a good dream?”  Mommy asked.

Wally shook his head and looked at his mom.  “I wonder how it feels to be a good boy.”

Mommy looked at Wally for a long time then said, “It feels great to be good.  Many people will love you.”

Wally smiled and hugged his mom.  “Mom, I promise to be good from now on.”

Mommy shrugged.  She doesn’t know what happened.

Read then answer the questions.
1. What is the name of the boy in the story?  __________________________
2. What was he doing when the woman suddenly appeared?
3. What did the witch tell Wally to do?
4. Why was mother surprised when Wally when Wally acted like a good boy that morning?
5. What did Wally promise his mom to do?
6. What lesson did you learn from the story?

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