Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Happier the Children, the Better they Learn

Children love fun learning.  The more fun the kids have the better they learn.  That is because the minds of the kids are stimulated more when they are happy while learning.

When children are happy, they think well because their concentration is more focused.  Think about yourself when you are happy while doing something, and think about yourself when you are annoyed.  That is also true to children.
As much as possible, the children should be happy when they are doing something or when you are teaching them.
What makes learning fun and more effective?
Different activities that include games, arts and crafts and different paper works.
Comfortable classroom embellished with everything colorful and beautiful; spacious enough for the kids to move around and a safe place for the kids to work and play.
When you have provided the necessities of the children, you can expect effective learning.

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