Sunday, August 23, 2015

Simple Easy to Make Art Projects for Young Kids

Young children love arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts are two of the favorite activities of young children. It is important that you know what kinds of artworks and crafts you are going to teach the children.

 The very young ones can do their crafts with your help. The older children can sometimes do their crafts on their own but you have to watch them work so that they will do their crafts right.

 The artworks:

1. caterpillar - cut green circles and let the children paste them one after the other on a white plain paper so that it will look like a caterpillar. Let them draw the legs, eyes, and antennae. You can also let them color the background.

2. fish - cut colored paper that look like waves. This if for the scales of the fish. It is better if the children will use different colors. Trim the edges when the scales are already pasted. Draw the eyes abd fins.

3. Clown - cut diffferent shapes for the body, pants, arms head and balloons. Let the childrem paste them in a white plain paper. Let them draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the clown. They should also draw the strings of the balloon. The children can color the bacjground.

These are simple projects for the little kids.

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