Monday, August 24, 2015

Bzz-Bzz, Wake Up Polly

Polly stretched on her bed sleepily and yawned.  She was still too sleepy to get down from her bed.  She lay again and closed her eyes.

There was something wrong as she tried to open her eyes and closed them again.  Someone was murmuring in her ears.  She tried to listen and found out that it was a bee buzzing something in her ears.

She looked at the bee and smiled. “What are you trying to tell me?”  She asked.

The bee flapped its wings and looked at Polly.  “Well. Polly.  Do you remember what day is today?  The bee asked.

Polly shook her fuzzy head and looked at the bee with a puzzled look.  “Don’t disturb me,” Polly said and waved away her hand to shoo away the bee.

“Buzz, buzz,” came the bee again.  Polly wanted to get rid of the bee and enjoy the softness of her pillow.
The bee said, “You are forgetting that today is still Monday and it’s time to wake up and take your breakfast because you are going to school.”

Polly once again waved her hand to shoo the bee.

Just then, a loud buzz awakened Polly to her senses.  She sat up on her bed and looked around.  Was there really a bee in her room?  She heard her mommy’s voice as she got down from her bed.  Then she looked at the smiling clock on the side table of her bed and smiled.  It was still buzzing.  Now she knew that there wasn’t any bee in her room.

Polly ran downstairs and kissed her mommy good morning.  She has to hurry if she doesn’t want to be late.

Answer the Questions:

1.       Who stretched on her bed sleepily?
2.       Why did Polly think someone was buzzing in her ears?
3.       Was there really a bee buzzing? 
4.       What do you think was Polly hearing?
5.       Connect yourself to Polly and tell one situation where you felt the same thing as Polly?


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