Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Igorot Man's Reaction Shocked the Lady Vendor

by: Felisa Daskeo

If you see a dirty man wearing a G-string, what will you do?

It is a fact to many Filipinos that Igorots look poor and dirty.  I don’t deny that my old folks look dirty poor plus their nails and hands are stained brown because their occupation is farming.  But beyond those stained nails and sunburned skin is a secret nobody expects.

This anecdote was related by my late father, who loves telling us stories. 

So the story goes that there was this dirty-looking Igorot man wearing G-string, who was in the market trying to buy fish but was ignored by the vendor because of his shabby looks. 

The man, annoyed because the vendor ignored him for the nth time said loudly, "How much is a kilogram of fish?"

Looking surprised at the dirty man's reaction, the lady vendor said mockingly, "Can you afford to buy a kilogram of fish?" 

Pissed by the vendor's sarcasm, the Igorot man pulled his money belt,  plucked a thick wad of paper bills then told the woman, "How much does all your fish cost? I can afford to pay for all of that!"

Shocked by the discovery and embarrassed with her misdemeanor, the vendor knelt down, cried and pleaded for forgiveness to the Igorot man.

So, the next time you see a dirty-looking man, do not judge him by his looks.  He might be even richer than the man who is wearing a well-pressed suit.

Copyright 2014 Felisa Daskeo

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