Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pinikpikan: The Igorot Specialty Food

Pinikpikan is a chicken delicacy among the Igorot tribe. Although it is very delicious, the way it is done would be unappealing to other people.

This is part of the Igorot practices so how it is done cannot be questioned. I have been asking the question to myself too many times when I was already weaned from my hometown and I was exposed to modern life but looking at it, perhaps killing animals for food are all the same, only different in style. To explain how Pinikpikan is done, it is hard to elaborate because other people may not agree with it but I would say, it is not a brutal or sadistic way of killing animal for food because it is done in good faith and it is part of the practice.

 People who do not know how Pinikpikan is done could excuse me but I will say that this is not a practice of cruelty. The chicken is merely beaten then burned after it dies to give the aroma of a real Pinikpikan. This delicacy is one of the best chicken recipes that I have tasted. What makes this recipe especial is that no other culture has this kind of delicacy. To make the food tastier, salted pork is added. This makes the combination perfect.

The Igorot people have their shares of good food too which is becoming known to other people. A lot of people with different culture who have tasted the food have commented on the different flavor that the Pinikpikan has. This could be a real treat to those who want something different. If you want a taste of the best Pinikpikan then visit Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Baguio boasts of its cold and refreshing climate so it would be a fine place to spend the summer vacation and taste the Pinikpikan.