Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Beautiful Mountain Peak believed to be Once a Volcano

I grew up believing that the mountain below my hometown was once a volcano.

We call it Mugao in our dialect which in English means a "PEAK".

It is an extinct volcano according to our old folks and in fact, even our old folks who have reached hundred years and have already passed away a long time ago haven’t seen the mountain peak alive to prove that it really was a volcano once.

 Perhaps it was once a volcano that became extinct hundreds or many thousands of years ago.

The mountain stands proudly overlooking the many villages surrounding it.  In fact, it is here near this mountain peak where a small pond with 3 eels is believed to have existed for hundreds of years. 
When we were kids, we loved to go to the place and watch the eels swim and hide from us.  They seem to know when people were around them.  People around the place took care of the eels very well and forbade kids from hurting them and fishing them for food because they believed that the eels were spirits that cast spells to people who hurt them.  These eels are enchanted according to the villagers.

The people around the place almost adore the eels.

The mountain peak is not so high but it is a lovely peak that is a good climbing spot for mountain climbers.  The mountain is a rocky one so it is impossible for big trees to grow and only shrubs and grasses could be seen on it.

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Felisa Daskeo said...

There are buses or vans traveling to Tadian and you can ask anyone in the bus terminal how to reach the place. I actually do not know where to register but perhaps you can ask the help of the barangay officials in Cagubatan, Tadian, Mt. province. The Igorots are very friendly and they can always help you.