Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Igorot Headhunters: Are they really headhunters?

Igorots are known as the head hunters of the Philippines.  They have been mistakenly recognized also as the people who have tails.  By that, people perhaps mean the G_strings that the Igorot men had worn many years ago.

Today, in this modern world, you seldom see any man wearing the G-string except for special occasions when it is a must use costume..  The G-strings are now considered a thing in the past to the new generation who have never worn the G-string. 

In the olden days, there were parts of the cordillera region where even other Igorots feared and considered places to avoid because of the tribal wars and the belief that some residents kidnap people who are strangers in their place.  We call them "BUSO" which means headhunters who prey on the residents of other places.  There were cases when people just disappeared without a trace and that was what we always feared when we were kids. 

In the 60s up to early 70s, we weren't allowed to travel to distant places except with the company of elders or other people.  There was always the fear of someone waylaying travelers on the way.  It was not advisable for a lone woman to travel.

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