Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Igorots discriminated in Their Own Country

Would you believe that Igorots are discriminated up to now in their own country? 
I have experienced being discriminated as an Igorot as soon as I left my hometown and went to college in another province.  That time in the late 70s to early 80s, my classmates and even some teachers thought we were still living in tree houses   There was even a classmate of mine who didn’t believe I was an Igorot because I was doing good in school.  They looked at me as someone who didn’t belong to their group.  They were surprised with my academic achievements. 
What I cannot forget was a professor of mine in my English subjects, who was so intelligent and I loved him for being so effective in teaching the English subjects yet he was the only teacher who understood me and inspired me.  I owe my being a writer to Mr. Estanislao Caldez, he is a writer in the Philippines.  I know he writes for different new papers.  He was the only professor who told me to write for my people when the right time comes or go home and teach my people.
I had been thinking of his words for some time and now that I am an aspiring online writer, wherever he is now, I want him to read what I am writing today.   The memories of him are my inspiration because I believe that I can be a good writer too some day.
Up to now that it is computer age, some people still believe that Igorots are the primitive people of yester years.
I couldn’t believe it when one man said, “Igorots live in the jungle with the wild animals.”  They think Igorots are still the G-stringed people just like the aetas.  Even aetas are now going to school and they have houses in communities, not in the jungle.

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