Friday, April 30, 2010

The secrets of long life

Why do men and women live long in the country side?  I was there and I saw the kind of life they had.  My grandparents and all the other old men and women in Tadian were people who lived a very simple life.  The early years of my life was spent in Tadian where I experienced a life that I almost want to go back to today.  Life there when I was young was as simple as waking early in the morning, going to school and going home late afternoon.  There was nowhere to go to have gimmicks with friends and no computers to be addicted to.

My parents and most people in the community enjoyed a simple, unadulterated life, waking up early; sometimes too early at three in the morning so that they could go to the farm early too.  Before the sun sets, they should be back home for dinner at six.  Sleep time is as early as 7 o’clock.  And when the lights are off, there is no more sound except the murmurs of the pine trees and the waterfalls around, plus of course the barks of the dogs.
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As soon as the cocks crow, my parents would be up and going.  This is a daily ritual that proves that the people are disciplined aside from the fact that they are industrious. 
My grandmother who lived more than a century still went to the farm to plant sweet potatoes and weed the plants even when she was more than 90 years old.  The old men and old women worked hard because they became weak when they stopped working.  I often wondered how they could still work with their old age but looking back and reminiscing the past, I now understand why they were so strong and healthy and lived a very long life.
One reason too for their long life is the kind of food they consumed daily.  Perhaps what made them very healthy is that they never even used monosodium glutamate to enhance the taste of their food.  The freshness of every food they took in also contributed to how healthy they were. 

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