Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family reunions

Family reunions have become a part of the Igorot’s life. In the past, when we were still young kids, we haven’t known reunions of any kind but technology has changed the life in the mountains and made the life of the Igorots far different from what we have known in our early life.  Family reunions is now one of the most exciting and fun family activities in my hometown and it is always an occasion to look forward too.  In the past, this was not a usual practice but now that Igorots have been modernized, they have now adapted a lifestyle that every Filipino enjoys.

Now, Igorots are scattered in many parts of the Philippines as well as around the world. They aren’t living in the ancient times and aren't anymore primitive people just like what other people think but they are educated and learned just like the other Filipinos.  Igorots may have their own culture to preserve but they could be at par with other Filipinos who are living a modern lifestyle.

Igorots have emerged from the cultural minorities to be at par with the other Filipinos. They have come out from their cocoon of long time ago. Today, you can find Igorots in all corners of the world. They are scattered in all parts of the worlds working in all fields and areas of professions. Some are skilled workers and others have penetrated the world of entertainment and specialized areas of profession.

I attended a family reunion on December 28, 2009 and met a lot of my relatives. We did have a happy family reunion and I came to know about the life of my other relatives. The young generations have made it in the fields they have chosen. There are lawyers, accountants, teachers, engineers, policemen with ranks, computer related skills, nurses and other careers that I haven’t thought they would have interest in.

It was a very successful family reunion. We all had fun and enjoyed the day with lots of good news from each family present. I was so overwhelmed at the achievements of the younger generations. Except for a few kids who aren’t achievers, most of the younger generations are achievers in their own chosen courses and careers. This made me very proud of my family.

This is the first time that I attended a family reunion but I find it the best part of my life. As I stood there in front of all my old and young relatives, I was so proud assessing each of them because all of them have done their best to achieve something in life.

This will be a very memorable event in my life that will be with me forever.