Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Legend of the name TADIAN

 The Legend of the name, Tadian, Mt. Province, was narrated to me by my father who loved to tell us stories about our place and our old folks.

There are lots of interesting stories about my place and my old folks and other people of my cultural heritage and this is just one of them. Several stories of long time ago were not written in books but I will try to have a recollection of them and share them with you in this site.

When I heard the story about my town, I was amazed because it sounded funny.

The story begins with an Igorot man caressing a rooster, perhaps early morning in his yard or on the way. Then there was this White man passing by, (it wasn’t told whether the man was an American or a European), all they knew was that he was a white man asking some directions from the man engrossed with the cock. The Igorot man of course was not in a position to comprehend the English language in those olden times and he ended misinterpreting the White man.

So, with no other thoughts in mind but the treasure in hand, the Igorot man thinking that the White man was amused about the cock and was asking about it, he answered, “Manok adi ay natadi-tadian.” (A chicken with crowns.)

From that time on, the town was named Tadian.