Saturday, October 3, 2009

Drying Rice to help the Bereaved family

Drying rice on the road is not an everyday scene in Tadian. 

When someone dies, the first thing that people will consider is the food for the people, so they dry the rice on the road before bringing it to the rice mill.  The cooperation of people in times of need could not be questioned in Tadian.  I have been there and I saw how people all cooperated when somebody needed help and this is without waiting for something in return.  What I love in my people is that they never do something because they are expecting for money in return.  What they always think is the help they are extending to the family in need.  So, every time somebody dies in the community, the bereaved family has no problem at all.

Being helpful and cooperative are some of the special qualities of the people in Tadian, Mt. Province. You couldn’t miss them when help is needed by their neighbors. This is the reason why people who are in need couldn’t be left in a very pitiful state because of the help that comes from every townsfolk.

When someone dies, people gather and cooperate. The simple drying of rice is done by the women. They dry the rice harvest along the road then help each other pound the rice to be ready for milling. The job does not stop there because once the rice is brought home; they have to prepare the meals for the people who are there to sympathize with the family in grieve.  Some women especially those without young children at home stay to help in every way they can tot he bereaved family. 

When I look at how the people work together in order to make the tragedy become easier for the grieving family, I couldn’t help but appreciate how my people could be so thoughtful and considerate of things. The townsfolk are like one big family when adversities occur.

Perhaps this is one of the most valued characteristics of people that need to be preserved. But looking at the people in the town, I’m sure they will always preserve their practices, traditions and beliefs because they are people who value their culture too much.

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