Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Poem Borne From The Heart

This Ilocano poem was long been kept in my trunk. My younger brother was still in high school when he composed this poem. I was so overwhelmed when I read it because it touches the deepest chamber of the heart when one truly reads and try to see into the words of this poem. I am sharing this poem to everybody who understands Ilocano.


Uray met ti panunot agtayab
A kas kalapati
Ket suknorenna to kaadalman
A paset dagiti sardam
Saan a nagpayak
Dagiti lagip ko,
Naitalimengda iti kaunggak
Nga aglulua iti dara

Kasano a mailibayak
Ket nakapatpatak ti saning-i
Dagiti agtinnag a tudo
A mangipalagip ipupusaymo?
Uray no daegan to init
Ti nagrupsa a pammategko
Matdaakto latta a mangipalagip
Kadagiti nanglaylay a Sampagita
A tinagibik iti kaawanmo.

I have yet to know how much effort my brother put into this poem as a very young man when he composed this. Perhaps one would wonder how a very young man was able to compose such very heart-rending poem.

To my brother who composed this poem, I give my whole heart appreciation for what you have done. Thanks for composing this poem and I’m sure people will love this just like how I love it.

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